Alvydas Vaičiūnas - Danės odontologijos klinika

Alvydas Vaičiūnas

Doctor dentist, oral surgeon. License No. OPL-02005; Nr. OPL-04004


Graduated from  Kaunas Medical University Odontology Faculty in 2005 ; has gained a Master's degree in dentistry and qualified as a dentist.

Graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in 2011, qualified as a oral surgeon.


2014 05 16
"Topical oral and facial pain issues," 6 hours duration academic conference, Birstonas, Lithuania.

2013 10 25
"Facial and jaw inflammation, 6 hours duration  scientific and practical conference, Druskininkai, Lithuania.

2013 10 11 - 10 12
Modern classics dentistry ", 16 hours duration academic conference in Druskininkai, Lithuania. Speakers: Professor. Vita Mačiulskienė prof. Angelo Putignano, dr. Rita Veberienė, dr. Neringa Skučaitė, dr. Jeanne Sakalauskienė, dr. Baltrusaityte dawn, dr. Gaivilė Pileičikienė, dr. Rimvydas Ašoklis, dr. Dainius Razukevičius, Assoc. Vilma Brukienė, Doctor. K.Bušauskas, Doctor. Gvidas Cyril, Doctor. Gediminas Skirbutas, Doctor. Raimondas Savickas.

2013 09 13-14
International BOA Congress, 16 hours duration Congress , Kaunas, Lithuania.

2013 05 31 to 06 01
"Dentistry for human health", 24-hour duration International Congress, Druskininkai, Lithuania.

2013 05 10-11
8th International Baltic maxillofacial and plastic surgeons Congress 16 hours duration International Congress, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2012 10 05-06
"Treat not leave" (Where to put the comma? - Answer lecturers), 16 hours term scientific and practical conference, Druskininkai, Lithuania. Speakers: Dr. Mateo Basso, dr. Audronė Miškinytė, dr. Neringa Skučaitė, dr. Rita Veberienė, Assoc. Julia Narbutaitė, Assoc. Ruth Bendinskaitė, Doctor. Kylie Bušauskas, Doctor. Paul Kalesinskas, Doctor. Raimondas Savickas, Doctor. Dainius Karpavičius, Doctor. Ingrid Barzdžiūkaitė.

2012 09 07-08
International BOA Congress, 16 hours duration  Congress, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2012 04 20-21
"Innovation and topical issues in dental practice", 16 hours duration conference in Palanga, Lithuania. Speakers: Dr. Julian Webber, prof. dr. Vytautė Pečiulienė, Doctor. Algirdas Puišys periodontist, Dr.. Octavio Cintra, dr. Ralf Smeets, Doctor. Aistė Gintautė dentist, dental technician Raimundas Bagdonas, dr. Simon Grybauskas Doctor. Regina Auškalnienė cardiologist, Dr. Dainius Razukevičius, Doctor. Marijus Thrush Dentist, Doctor. Kylie Bušauskas endodontist, Doctor. Rita Grybienė dentist, Doctor. Spruce Zasčiurinskienė orthodontist, Dr.. Laura Andriukaitienė endodontist, Doctor. Indre Graunaitė endodontist, Assoc. dr. Saul Drukteinis, dr. Edward Kelbauskas, dr. Devorah Schwartz - Arad, dr. Kiril Poliakov, Assoc. dr. Vygantas Rutkunas, hygienist Vesna Braun, Doctor. Adam Auškalnis periodontist.

2011 11 18 - 19
"Laser Symposium" 12 hours  duration Symposium, Budapest, Hungary.

2011 05 13
"Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Current Issues," 6 hours term scientific and practical conference, Prienai, Lithuania.

2010 10 29
"Head and neck tumors", 6 hours term scientific and practical conference, Birstonas, Lithuania.

2009 12 04
"Facial and jaw abnormalities and deformities", 6 hours term scientific and practical conference, Raseiniai, Lithuania.

2009 07 03
"Middle of facial trauma", 6 hours term scientific and practical conference, Anykščiai, Lithuania.

2009 06 12-13
"Careful glimpse into contemporary developments in oral implantology", 16 hours duration International Congress, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2009 05 16
Theoretical and practical aspects of advanced dental rosthetics", 8 hours term training event, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2009 04 17
"Sinus pathology diagnosis and treatment of Issues", 6 pm. term scientific and practical conference, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2009 03 14
"Endodontic surgery indications and contraindications.Lip and tongue frenectomy. The acute condition and the first aid in dental office. HIV / AIDS and other blood-borne diseases  infection risk in dental work", 8 hours term seminar, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Lecturers: Jurate Rimkuvienė Wu, Ineta Purlienė Wu, Dr. Dalia Jurgaitienė KU.

2008 12 08-10
"Job Specifics of working with panoramic dental equipment "pupillage at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Dentistry, Lithuania.

2008 11 15
"Medical waste management requirements of the safety aspects for dental service providing institutions", 6 hours term seminar, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2008 07-08
Baltic Dental Conference, 16 hours scientific - practical course program, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2008 06 06

"Surgery Preparation of jaw for dental implant placement. Dental implantation Current Issues", 6 hours term scientific and practical conference, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2008 04 05
"Function. Practical facial bow and articulator use", 8 hours course duration, Vilnius, Lithuania. Lecturer: Roland Pletkus.

2007 04 14
"Skeletal bite abnormality diagnosis and treatment. Indications for hospitalization at maxillofacial surgical department and patient care after treatment. The optimal time for orthodontic treatment. Disinfectants selection and use for hands and instruments in dental office", 6 pm. term seminar, Klaipeda, Lithuania. Lecturers: Dr.. S.Grybauskas oral surgeon, Dr. L.Dubosas, Doctor. J. Liatukienė, Ž. Leonavičienė.

2007 05 25-26
"Dental Issues" International Dental Congress, 24 hours duration, Druskininkai, Lithuania. 

2007 08 25-26
Advanced Implant Dentistry, Minec University of California Los Angeles.

2006 05 02-08
"Different age analysis of the causes of tooth loss. Facial symmetry parameter difference analysis applications, Lithuania health science students and young researchers conference, Kaunas, Lithuania.

2006 11 18
"Dental discussed. First aid for anaphylactic reactions. First Aid choked. Occupational risk assessment and occupational safety and health organization of dental care (assistance) establishments. The quality manual and other organizational requirements for dental care," 6 hoyrs term seminar, Vilnius, Lithuania. Lecturers: med. m. dr. Assoc. Anastazija Tutkuvienė Peter Ralys, Doctor. R. Malakauskienė, Algirdas Laurinaitis.

2005 05 19-21
"Jaw and plastic surgery congress", Kaunas, Lithuania.

2005 04 27 to 05 05
"Facial soft tissue parameters symmetry difference," Lithuanian health science students and young researchers conference, Kaunas, Lithuania.



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