Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Pretty and white smile gives you more confidence. However, very few people have naturally white teeth. We are able to offer a solution -laser teeth whitening in clinic  or home teeth whitening (tray whitening procedure).

Before teeth whitening, it is recommended to carry out a professional oral hygiene, remove the hard and soft plaque, clean and polish enamel surfaces. 

Tooth whitening efficiency is an individual. It depends on the structure of the enamel, eating, addictions and age, so the number of bleaching sessions for everyone person may vary. It is also important to know that the restorative material does not change color, so  they may leave marks. Therefore,  teeth whitening procedure is recommended for two weeks before the aesthetic restoration.

In-office teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening can be used to brighten for a variety of reasons (food, smoking and the natural aging) yellowish or darkened teeth. The main advantages of laser teeth whitening before other teeth whitening methods is greater efficiency and lower tooth sensitivity after whitening treatments. In our dental clinic teeth whitening is performed using a laser with a special tip.

Short description: 

  • first teeth should be examined by a dentist and, if necessary, professional hygiene or dental treatment should be performed before the teeth whitening procedure.
  • when gums are protected with special tools, the denstist applies special whitening gel on the teeth.
  • tooth surfaces are affected by  the laser beam for some time.
  • gums protection is cleaned  and teeth is polished, after the procedure.
  • After the procedure, it is recommended, for a few days to avoid strong staining foods (coffee, red wine,etc. ) and smoking. 

Our clinis' specialist advise, if teeth whitening procedure can be done to you, and what effect can be expected.

Teeth whitening at home 

  • The most popular way to whiten your teeth at home - whitening trays.  Whitening gel contain hydrogen peroxide is placed in the special tray (individually made celluloid matrix) and worn over the night time. Optimal effect is achieved when procedure is repeated for ten nights or more, depending on how dark the teeth are and what effect you want to achieve. 
  • For teeth whitening also can beused toothpastes, which can  easily remove stains from the surface of the tooth, because they have an abrasive  agents. 
  • Bleaching fluids contain hydrogen peroxide, which whitens the teeth, eliminates bad breath and reduce dental plaque.
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